Letting a Property

The Letting Process

Letting a property is very simple with BRH. If you spot one of our To Let boards whilst you are out and about or you have found one of our properties on our website or the many property portals that we advertise on, the first step is to simply request a viewing by either calling us on 0330 6600 797 or requesting a viewing via our website.
Once you have viewed a property and you have decided that it's the right property for you, all you need to do is follow our simple step by step guide below:


You will need to complete a BRH application, which forms an agreement between you and BRH and which also provides us with the necessary information to carry out a credit and reference check on all applicants. At this point we will stop any further viewings and proceed with your application.

As BRH is a registered Estate Agent we will also require copies of the listed documents below:

  • One form of photo ID; this can be a passport, driving license or Identity card
  • Evidence of current proof of address
  • Last 3 months original bank statements (this is for an affordability check)
  • Proof of National Insurance Number
  • Address, contact name and number of current employer, current landlord or agent. You will need to provide address and contact details of at least 3 years of previous addresses.
  • You will also require a bank account to pay your rent from (if you do not have a current bank account, please discuss this with us prior to application as we may be able to assist you with this).


If your application is successful we will then discuss with you the deposit options. If you choose a traditional deposit then once the deposit has been received we will transfer the monies to one of the recognised deposit schemes and begin work on preparing the property and your tenancy documents. If you opt to use one of our deposit alternatives then once we receive confirmation of your enrollment, we will begin work on your tenancy documentation.


At this stage we will begin preparing your tenancy documentation. This  will contain such things as your tenancy agreement, deposit certificate (where applicable), utilities details and scheduling your check in inventory. Once complete, we shall contact you to arrange for you to sign your tenancy agreement, set up your direct debit and complete any other documentation that is applicable to your tenancy. If you are in receipt of a subsidy or Local Housing Allowance Contributions (Housing Benefits) you will need to bring a new claim form with you to be signed by us. Your claim form will need to be submitted to your Local Housing Benefits department to be processed. We will require either a receipt from yourself or telephone conversation from the Local Housing Benefit department to confirm that your form has been submitted. Please note we cannot finalise your move in date until this has been done.


Providing steps 1 - 3 have been successfully completed a representative from BRH will meet you at the property on the agreed date and time. On the day of your check in you will be required to sign your inventory and you may be required to complete any other outstanding or other applicable documents. The inventory will be undertaken and completed prior to your check in day. Your new tenant pack and property keys can then be handed over to you.

STEP 5: Enjoy your new home. At this time we ask all tenants to familiarise themselves with the Agency agreement and our Maintenance mandate. Where possible we also ask all tenants to download our app in order to report any issues they have during their tenancy

**We need to link to the maintenance mandate and the app download

Things to be aware of:

Late Payments

Any late payments in accordance with your tenancy agreement or agreed dates are subject to an interest charge if the debt is outstanding for more than 14 days.

If any unsettled charges remain at the end of the tenancy agreement fixed term this may affect the renewal.

Continued late payment and no contact from you

If we encounter repeated late payments or payments that have not been paid in full and there has been no communication from you, your Landlord may ask us not renew your agreement and possibly to take steps to recover possession of the property.

Maintenance call outs - charges to tenant

If you have had a maintenance issue where a contractor has had to visit your property and the solution was deemed logical, sensible or there was no fault found at all the contractor charge will be payable by yourself not the landlord.

Dependant on the contractor, this charge may be payable whilst the contractor is still present or within 28 days of the charge being raised. 

To Let Board

Every property marketed by BRH will somewhere on the premises have at least one 'To Let' board present. Please do not take down, disfigure, remove or dispose of. 

The board will be changed from 'To Let' to 'Let' shortly after you have entered your property. The board will remain erected at the property with the 'Let Agreed' slip for 14 - 21 days. After this period, we shall instruct our contractor to completely remove and retrieve the board.

Should the board not be retrieved after this period please contact us so we can make necessary arrangements to have it removed.

The board is a possession and asset of BRH, any disfigurement, removal or disposal may be treated as a case of vandalism or theft. Local authorities may be contacted and relevant board replacement charges may be added to your account.

Permissions and Requests

If you would like to make a request to change anything at the property or anything about your tenancy please inform us of this in writing. We shall take each individual request on board and review on a case by case basis, in most cases the landlord of the property will be notified of the request and will respond to us with their decision.

The most common types of requests are changes such as:

  • Decoration
  • Property modifications
  • Pets
  • Changes to payment dates or cycles

A request can be made for any part of your tenancy, however please note that no guarantees can be made by us that the landlord of the property will agree to your request