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Property Portfolio Building Service

Building a profitable property portfolio is difficult and time consuming. Many landlords and investors have aspirations to grow their portfolio but find it difficult as they are dealing with their own busy lives. With this in mind, utilising our wealth of over 20 years experience in property sourcing and development, BRH have developed a property portfolio building service for our clients that is completely hands-off. We are in a unique position of being able to offer our clients the opportunity for securing an arrangement for guaranteed rent, on a 3 or 5 year lease as well as exclusive access to purchase properties that are only available through BRH. For those clients interested in our guaranteed rent lease arrangements, we can secure a commitment from our housing association partners to lease properties prior to the initial property purchase, minimising risk and providing peace of mind that your new investment is going to generate rental income immediately.


So how do I get started?

All clients will have an initial planning meeting to determine their requirements, budget and long-term goals. This information will become our brief that will provide our team with your parameters for building your property portfolio. Following that we will ask you to put in place any necessary financial arrangements so that we can submit offers on your behalf for any opportunities you wish to move forward with. If you need any assistance with your financial matters then we can introduce you to one of our experienced financial partners who will assist you with this. From this point on, it is simply a case of sitting back and waiting for us to send you the potential property investments for your consideration. It’s important to note that clients do not pay anything for this service unless a property is successfully secured.


What can I expect once my brief has been taken?

Once we have captured your brief and agreed your growth plan, we will periodically send you potential property purchases for your consideration and you can expect the following:

  • A property that matches your requirements, including any agreed income targets.
  • Access to ‘off market properties’ that can only be purchased via BRH.
  • A property appraisal report providing full information about the proposed property, any required remedial works along with indicative costs, suggested purchase price, proposed rent and details on whether the property qualifies for our 3 or 5 year lease arrangement or if alternatively, it is more suitable for the open market, underpinned by a rent gurantee insurance product.
  • A full ROI (Return on investment) calculation so that you know exactly what returns to expect.
  • A full letting market overview for the proposed property.

What happens once an offer has been accepted?

We are with you every step of the way. Once your offer has been accepted, you can expect the following:

  • For any property that you wish to proceed with, we will negotiate the offer on your behalf to get the best price possible and once agreed we will ensure that the memorandum of sale is sent to your chosen conveyancer. If you do not have a conveyancer then we can introduce you to one of our preferred partners who would be happy to help.
  • Prior to exchange of contracts we will arrange access to the property in order to provide you with a fixed price quotation for any required remedial works.
  • If the property has been purchased with a preference of opting for our 3 or 5 year lease arrangement then we will prepare a draft lease for your consideration that will be scheduled to commence either the day after completion, or in the case that the property requires any works, the day after works are complete.
  • We will liaise with your conveyancer on your behalf throughout, right up until completion.
  • Once the property purchase has completed, we will carry out any remedial works for you and commence with the letting process.
  • As part of our package your property will go straight into our Full Management service. We provide a full tenancy set up service free of charge for our property portfolio building clients,  giving you a saving of £375 plus vat on standard lettings and £500 plus vat on lease arrangements.
  • From this point on you will have 24/7 access to your property information at any time of day via our web portal and you will receive regular statements via email every time your rent is collected.
  • You can relax and have the peace of mind from knowing that your property is either on our 3 or 5 year guaranteed rent lease arrangement or let on the open market with a rent guarantee policy.


What will this service cost you?

This cost of this service is 1.5% of the property purchase price with a minimum charge of £3995 plus vat and is charged only upon the successful acquisition of a property. Once the property is let, our normal monthly property management fee of 10% + vat per month will apply. It’s important to note that all of our fees are factored into the ROI calculation and therefore will not reduce the illustrated profit.

Please note that 25% of our fee is due upon the issue of memorandum of sale and is fully refundable if the purchase falls through and the remaining 75% Is due on completion.

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